Why Foster?

“For us as parents, the journey has been challenging and rewarding in ways we did not expect. It strengthens my belief in the innate potential that children have to become whole and happy when given a chance and a positive environment. In the end I think we have all won something.”

– Foster mother to two Ethiopian boys


By fostering a refugee or immigrant youth, you will not only be changing the life of a child, you will also be enriching your own life and that of your family. You’ll have a truly cross-cultural experience in your own home.

While refugee and immigrant youth have a lot to learn during their adjustment to American life, they also have a lot to teach others about their culture, traditions and world view! The satisfaction that comes with knowing that you gave a young person a second chance at happiness and a future is immeasurable.

You will witness a transformation as they become more comfortable and confident in their new lives. You also will be there for important life milestones such as high school graduation, getting their driver’s license, their first job, their first prom. You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you helped a young person launch into adulthood from a caring, supportive base.

You can have the life-altering experience of welcoming a refugee or immigrant youth into your family. Contact us today to learn more!