You Can Help

The youth in our program come from countries all over the world, including Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrea, Burma (ethnic minority Rohingya), Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, and more. They are mostly teenagers and have been separated from their families, leaving them without an adult to care for them.

Some of them have lost their parents, while others do not know where their parents are and if they are alive. All of them have fled war, persecution, abuse, neglect, or violence and are unable to return home.

They are waiting for a family like yours and a chance to reclaim their lives.

Until there is a licensed foster family waiting for them in the Seattle area, the children must remain in refugee camps or shelters where they may feel unsafe, afraid, and alone with no certain future.  Finding a foster family in the Seattle area means a child has the opportunity to go to school, to see a doctor, to celebrate holidays with a family, and to live in peace and safety.

Can you help? The number one need is for individuals and couples to become licensed foster parents. You can also get involved by becoming a respite caregiver, volunteering as a tutor, or renting a room to a young adult transitioning from foster care to independence.